Printer by day, party animal by night
I am and have been in the printing game for years now its a job I love and I am passionate about. I hate to see poor quality printing or signage anywhere as I just think it’s so needless.
My days are filled with small margins of error and constant checking and monitoring as so much can go wrong so quickly in my profession if you are not on your game. I have printed everything from the smallest job to a huge lorry vehicle wrap job and literally everything in between. If I didn’t have a great social life the job could become a chore but the work life balance is where its at for me and as well as working hard I play pretty hard too.
I love going out and have good friends who are always there for me and ready to hit the town or go to endure watching my team Sunderland. I find it painful to see Newcastle doing well and if they are I am generally in a bad mood.
I am a fan of most sports especially football (at least thats what we call it at Sunderland) and darts and often go to watch live matches or tournaments. I love nothing more than going to games with mates and having a little bet on the outcome. Since the rise of in game betting I have to admit I am a bit hooked on guessing the next goalscorer or predicting the final score but its all a bit of fun and I don’t take things too seriously.
My girlfriend is a legend, been with her ages and she does put up with a lot bless her! She packs me off for away days with my lunch and stays up until I crawl in with hardly a moan from her (maybe its the gaffer tape I use). We love sunny holidays and a chill on the beach but come the night she can party like the best of them maybe thats why we get on so well.