The same applies to shop signage or business front signage, missing letters, lights out or shabby and scruffy signage looks like you don’t care and in the case of Once you have created artwork to promote your business or event then next step is to get it printed but is all printing the same, from Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. to flyers companies that print will often specialise in one or all of these jobs. For a basic printing of some flyers or stationary then most printers even the small ones will manage however if you do want a really nice job then a litho print job would be better than a digitally printed one.
When you start to look at the bigger jobs like large format printing or signage then it really does pay to seek out a specialist. The range and quality of this kind of work varies dramatically and so its best to be sure as these jobs are likely to be costly and mistakes are difficult and expensive to rectify post printing / completition.
Your shop signage is the first impression many will have
When they approach your shop or business what is the overall impression they get? Often it’s a clients / customers first impression of your business and poorly fitted or shabby shop signage will give a very bad first impression.
Good first impressions is what we are passionate about, obsessed even but for very good reason. A brand needs to be protected and probably cost a lot to get created in the first place, then there is the shop or business fit out, all the associated costs with starting or running a business so why penny pinch when it comes to the finished product.
My heart always drops when I see someone pass me a vista print business card, yes it only cost a tenner for 250 and you got a lovely hard case free for your troubles but the impression it gives me is at best your brand is not as important to you as it should be or at worst you are cheap. In either of the possible scenario’s you have given me a bad first impression before you have even opened you mouth. 250 litho printed business cards are only about £40 and they are high quality nice thick cards that look and feel the part so is it really worth saving the £20+£30 I don’t think so at all.
restaurants can even make the premises look dirty. Who wants to eat in a dirty looking restaurant? No-one or at least no-one in their right mind. I like to think of signage as a marketing tool in fact one of the key marketing tools you have for your business, so treat it like that with the care and attention you lavished on the initial brand creation.
Love your brand and the artwork, signage and print work you create and your customers will love you, don’t pay attention to the little details and the likely-hood is they leave with a bad first impression.


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